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Winter service

In winter companies having bigger sites, shopping centres because of cleaning their parking places and making other driving ways non-skidding have to face several serious tasks. 

Because of new regulations owners and operators are financially responsible for accidents happening on their territory. 

Our non-stop duty and up-to-date condition of our Mercedes snow removal vehicles and Bobcat front-end loaders is a guarantee that we can start working withing 1-2 hours following notification. 

As in a lot of other cases it is also true here that the cheaper is the more expensive. A lot of companies try to solve the the winter service with not appropriate machines but this can be beside lower prices the source of serious danger.

It is good to know:

After making snow removal with tractors or earthwork vehicles it remains a thin icy layer on the surface that can cause icing in cold temperature.

The winter service vehicles of Multiszint Ltd. remove snow and spread grit at the same time, so they can ensure the most efficient non-skidding besides causing as short traffic obstacles as possible.

Special features of our machines ensure fast and professional work without damaging the road surface. Since stone slabs coming from quality producers are not damaged because of the grit, so it is reccommended to spread parking places and drives, as well.

More-year experience and quality vehicles guarantee the professional cleaning of streets!