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Waste transport with container

Our company has a decade long experience in the field of transporting waste with container. Our non-stop dispatcher service handles orders arriving by phone or via e-mail at the weekend, as well. We are in on-line contact with our vehicles with the help of a GPS based system, so we are able to provide our clients the fastest and most efficient service as possible. 

Our vehicles possess entry permit into all areas of Budapest. 

We transport the container waste with 6 skip trailers, which are able to pull a container trailer, so our vehicles can transport 3 full containers at the same time. Due to our own workshop our trucks continuously help our work in a reliable way.

We possess more than 200 pieces of containers of different size (6-8-10-12 m³ containers with door). With containers of different type we can solve the collection of waste arisen around the house according to the demand of our clients.

It is important that the waste will be collected and placed in the container adequate to the up-to-date waste management regulations. If you put selected concrete, brick, tile, mortar and their mixture into the container, then because of the lower price of disposal we can transport the waste at lower price as well. This is also true for selected household waste such as different packaging like paper, foil, old furniture and other light weight or compactable waste.

If selection of waste is not possible then we transport it mixed to a specialised institution for selecting waste. Here happens the selection of waste before disposal. It has naturally costs that you will recognise in the price of mixed waste transport. That causes the price difference in transporting waste. 

More information about our prices see under the menu Prices. Ask for offer via phone: 36/30-456-5555 or via e-mail.

In case of need we care for appropriate treatment, transport and disposal of selected recyclable waste or hazardous waste arisen at our partners.

Vehicles of Multiszint Ltd. sets a good example in the field of non-spreading transport of waste so that special features of our containers make it possible to fix an appropriate cover.

Have you heard about it?
From the 1. 01. 2003 the waste producers can assign the transport and disposal of waste to authorized companies, otherwise the building control authority can deny giving out first the building permit then the certificate of occupancy.

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