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Selective waste collection

Nowadays selective waste collection plays more and more important role in the life of companies and private persons, as well. Since the protection of the environment is particularly important for Multiszint Ltd. we pay special attention to the professional transport and disposal of MSW. 

If the waste arising at businesses and households is selected, namely separated by materials, the selected waste is recyclable. After adequate treatment the waste is reusable as secondary raw material. In this case waste is not garbage but value.

Why is selective waste collection important? 

After collecting the selected waste it is reused as raw material. Through recycling we can protect the natural resources and our environment, so that we do not have to exploit different metals from the ground or to cut out trees and woods for producing paper.

Without selected collection of waste there is not recycling. Recycling makes a circulation similar to the circulation in the nature and a responsible, environmentally friendly life possible.

Multiszint Ltd. takes over every kind of selected waste and transports to the specialised recycling institutions by materials.

In case of need we ensure balers, compactors and containers for the efficient transport. If the selective waste collection is important for you and you would like to do something for a more liveable environment, contact our colleagues!

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