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Municipal solid waste transport

Multiszint Ltd. is the leader of the consortium that as sub-contractor of the FKF PLC. has won the tender for solid waste tranport in Budapest for another 4 years. 

Multiszint Ltd. is entitled to public utility undertaking in Budapest as the FKF PLC. 

We undertake the transport and harmless disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW or communal solid waste) in Budapest and in neighbouring settlements arising from the maintaining of office buildings, premises and through industrial activity in conformity with the strictest EU norms.

In addition, we undertake the transport of separated MSW for recycling. For collection of the waste we ensure the following containers free of charge. Register your demand, please.

110 l

240 l

1100 l

1100 lr

6-8-10 m3

We transport the collected waste in standard containers with modern compactor vehicle or in case of need with skip trailers. 

Tömörítõs célgép

Konténerszállító tgk.

The observance of environmental regulations and provisions plays an outstanding role in all fields of our activity. The disposal of transported waste happens in institutions having authorized approval such as the Regional Wastemanagement Centre in Pusztazámor and the Wasterecycling Works in Rákospalota. 

Our authorized approvals: