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Machinery earthwork

Due to our professional colleagues and modern vehicle fleet we can do quality work – beside orders of private customers – also in case of investments bigger size.

Why is it important to have authorized approvals?

During projects it is necessary to have certificate about the transported waste, to prove its appropriate disposal.  More clients of ours had problems that they got favorable offers from companies not possessing the right approvals, so they could not prove the approritate disposal of waste.

Multiszint Ltd. possesses all the authorized approvals needed for these acitivities. During 15 years spent in the field of building industry and waste transport, we followed the changes of regulations, so that we can satisfy our clients’ needs. From the 1. January 2003. waste producers can charge companies having authorized approvals with tranport and disposal of waste otherwise the building control authority can deny giving out first the building permit then the certificate of occupancy.

Due to our continously renewing vehicle fleet we can guarantee fast and efficient work!

If you are convinced about our professionalism, do not hesitate to ask for offer now!